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Many players dream about fulfilling their unfulfilled dreams after winning the UK lottery but lose all sense of thought and action when they win big time. Do not allow indecision or incompetence to fritter away your millions or hundreds-of-thousands of pounds that you have earned from winning the jackpot or other significant prizes. Remember that some actions need to be taken on an urgent basis once you become a UK lottery winner.

The main action to take even before you realize your jackpot dreams is to carefully sign and store your lotto ticket in a safe place. If you are playing any international version of online lotto, then ensure that you are playing on a secure and trusted website since you will need to provide details of your visa card or other debit or credit card. Even if you plan to beat the odds of winning the sweepstakes by playing in a syndicate, ensure that you clearly understand the rules regarding that syndicate. This pre-preparation is important so that there are no hurdles to distract you when you do win the jackpot.

If you play Lotto 649 regularly, then each Wednesday and Saturday night could be crucial for you. Similarly you might wait for each Friday night with great anticipation if you play Euro Millions. Once the draws are completed and the results declared, check and re-check if your numbers have turned out to be the winning numbers. If you have won the multi-million pound jackpot or any prize of a very significant amount, do not shout out from your rooftop but instead make sure that you inform only your immediate family. It could be your spouse or your parents. If possible do not tell your children if they are very small since they might not be able to keep the news away from their friends or schoolmates.

The first action that you could take is to embark on a cruise or a holiday. This will give you a short respite which will help you to absorb your fantastic win and make future plans with a calm mind. If you want to help out friends and family members financially, do so after telling them that you have come into some money instead of telling them the actual amount. Donate some money to your favorite charity and pay off those pending debts. But most important of all, consult a financial expert that can create a financial basket that can protect and nourish a major portion of your winnings to take care of you for your lifetime. This could be in the form of property investments, deposits in banks and other suitable investments that do not carry a high risk.

Anyway, the UK national lottery too provides funding for many charities through its authorized operator, the Camelot Group. The Group has its headquarters in Watford and extracts these funds from every ticket that is sold to each player, thus upholding a glorious tradition of helping those that actually require the money desperately.

Thus, it does not matter how you play the lottery or whether you win the British, Irish, Spanish or any other European lottery or in fact any other lottery around the world. These universal actions will ensure that you do not lose your money as fast as you have earned it. Remember that some actions certainly need to be taken on a first-things-first basis after you become a UK lottery winner

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