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People all over the world play various lottery games with the hope that the big one, i.e. the jackpot will turn over a new page in their lives and change it forever. You too might be playing lotto or any other lottery for the same reason. Here are some amazing stories of recent and past UK lottery winners.

Lotto is offered to the British people in various forms such as Lotto 649, Thunder Ball, Euromillions, etc. The results for Lotto 649 and Thunder Ball are declared on Wednesday and Saturday nights whereas the results for Euro Millions are drawn on every Friday night. The UK national lottery runs the different lottery games in the United Kingdom through its authorized operator, the Camelot Group, which operates from its headquarters in Watford. The UK nationl lottery has over the years enabled more than 2000 winners to realize their dreams of turning into overnight millionaires. Here are some of their stories.

A 16 year old teenager Callie Rogers from Cumbria won 1.8 million pounds in November, 2008. The lucky teenage who has never traveled farther than Blackpool started to jump and scream when she discovered her win. Living with her foster parents in a council flat, Callie did not plan to go all out and burn up all her money but instead decided on taking a 2 year break to travel around the globe before investing her money with the help of an accountant. She planned to help out her family, buy a new house and a new car including purchasing a new wheelchair for her foster mother that could pass over raised kerbs. She was one of the 8 winners that won the 15 million pound prize.

Another recent winning couple was John and Jackie Livesley who won the Saturday sweepstakes in November 2008. Their 6 number match with the draw won them a cool 2.6 million pounds. The couple played lotto for 14 years before they beat the odds and struck green oil. The football crazy couple celebrated their win at the Stoke City Football Club. The only luxury product that they had planned to buy in the coming days was a Land Rover Sport. This is one couple that can look forward to retiring in true luxury.

However, one lucky couple’s win has so far won the braying approval of 4 donkeys that are being nursed back to health. Neil Murray and his wife Jennifer won 4 million pounds on a Lucky Dip ticket. They bought an 800,000 pound house in the countryside of Aberdeenshire, complete with a barn and acres of open land. The donkeys are housed in stables built in the barn and also get to amble around the open countryside everyday. The couple decided to take care of the donkeys when they realized that the donkeys needed a new home. This couple truly believes that charity begins at home.

Similar stories are repeated from winners of the Irish, Spanish and other European lotteries too. If you do win the jackpot, keep an investment program in mind that could take care of you down the line instead of blowing it all away within a short time. The stories of such UK lottery winners should inspire and spur you on to try your luck in winning the big one.

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