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When you buy a lotto ticket from your neighborhood lotto retailer or through a website, you set off a chain of events that travels far longer than the draw date. The UK lotto headquarters is the brain behind the flurry of activity that takes place to ensure that you get your ticket, match the results and even claim your prizes when you win.

The UK lotto headquarters are situated in Watford, Hertfordshire. The actual operation of the day-to-day running of the lottery in the United Kingdom has been awarded to the Camelot Group since 1994. The Camelot Group is in fact a private company that has 5 shareholders that each holds a 20% stake in the company. They are De La Rue Holdings, Fujitsu Services Ltd, Thales Electronics Plc, Royal Mail Enterprises and Cadbury Holdings Ltd. The board consists of a non-executive chairman, 4 independent non-executive directors, 3 executive directors responsible for managing the company and non-executive representatives from each shareholder company. The headquarters is also home to around 900 staff that comes out with a new promotion and program at regular intervals to tempt new players to flash their visa card or other cards and try out the different variants of this exciting game.

The UK national lottery has also upheld its noble heritage of funding various charities that help out schools, museums and hospitals and also those that help maintain the green cover by providing vital funds for parks and forests. Thus, whether you win the sweepstakes or not, a big part of your lottery money is already used for good causes by the UK national lottery. The Irish, Spanish and various other European lotteries too follow a similar pattern to fund important projects in their countries.

Each new promo or program that pops out of the UK lotto headquarters displays various prize amounts that can be won for different games. If you love playing Lotto 649 or Thunder Ball, then you can buy your ticket or log on to the official website and try out the international version of the game. You will have to wait for every Wednesday and Saturday night to learn if the lucky fairy has turned your numbers into winning numbers. You can also join a syndicate to boost your chances at winning the jackpot or simply buy more tickets if you are financially comfortable in doing so. If you love playing Euro Millions then you might need to wait until every Friday night even as you hope that tonights the night. If you do beat the odds and win the jackpot, then you can certainly bid goodbye to depressing Monday mornings since everyday will seem like a Sunday.

Thus, while you might be too engrossed in just playing your favorite lotto game, spare a thought about the board and staff at the UK lotto headquarters that have disbursed 29 billion pounds as prizes, donated 22 billion pounds to different charities and created more than 2000 millionaires since 1994. So, the next time you buy a lotto ticket say a silent thanks to the people that brought to you the ticket, its prizes and the charitable causes that it funds with your money.

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