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uk lotto winners cannot buy common sense or health with their winnings

Even as players play and pray that they win the multi-million pound jackpot, sometimes they cannot handle the huge amount of green wealth that comes through their door. Others have health problems that cannot be solved even with their impressive win. Here are two stories of past UK lotto winners, one that could not hold on to his winnings and other who is desperate enough to give it to anyone that can cure his illness.

When John McGuinness won the 10 million pound jackpot in 1997, he thought that he was set for life. Unfortunately, he blew up his winnings in eleven years and his life has returned to the same page that he was on before the night he won the jackpot. After splurging 3 million pounds on his family, buying high-end luxury cars including a Mercedes, a Bentley, a Ferrari, a Porsche, a BMW and a Jaguar, he also bought a 500,000 holiday home in Majorca and gave 750,000 to his ex-wife. During that period, he also made various ski trips and went on luxury cruises around the globe. He also bought expensive jewelry and an expensive Rolex watch. However, he hit the nail squarely on his foot when he picked up a 4 million stake in Scottish Livingstone FC football club. Since he stood as a guarantor for the club’s loans, he was pursued by the Bank of Scotland when the loans were not paid back. With a total debt of 2.1 million pounds, the Bank of Scotland seized his cars, his jewelry, his Rolex and his expensive home. However, that has not been enough to clear his debts and he and his wife have begun preparations to start working again. If only he had consulted an expert financial consultant and used his common sense, then he could certainly have changed his life for the better.

Another winner won an unbelievable amount of 19 million pounds in January 2008, but with a rare blood disease that could snatch his life at any moment, is ready to trade his winnings for a long and disease-free life. Stephen Smith who is 58 and from Hertfordshire, the same place where the headquarters of the Camelot Group that manages the UK national lottery are located, suffers from Aortic Aneurism along with Arthritis and back pain. He cannot even buy a regular car from his winnings but instead will need to buy one that can be adapted for his special needs. A sad case where extreme wealth cannot compensate for good health!

Therefore while nothing much can be done about your health if you do manage to win the sweepstakes, a lot can surely be done if you use your common sense and get expert help in managing your new found wealth. There are similar stories where people that have won the Irish, Spanish and other European lotteries by getting lucky on a Wednesday or Saturday night have managed to fritter away their money within a short time. Your main aim should be to preserve your earnings and nourish them so that they grow down the line instead of withering away.

You are anyway a winner once you play any game of lotto since the UK national lottery uses that money as funding to fund various charities in the United Kingdom and around the world too. But if you manage to beat the odds and win the big jackpot, then a little common sense would go a long way to ensure that your story does not end up as another sad story of similar UK lotto winners. Play responsibly and enjoy your wealth sensibly.

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