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rich heritage of the national lottery in uk.

Although it is just over a decade old, the National Lottery in UK, which was started in 1994, has won the hearts of the British people due to the extremely large amount of charitable funding that has transformed the lives of countless people in and around the United Kingdom.

The Camelot Group with its headquarters in Watford is the licensed operator for the National Lottery in U.K. In addition to creating more than 2000 millionaires since its inception, the National Lottery has also donated more than 20 billion pounds as grants to various charitable organizations, a majority of it through its arm, the Big Lottery Fund. There are various games offered by the National Lottery such as Lotto, ThunderBall, EuroMillions, Daily Play and Lotto Hot Picks among others that can be enjoyed by U.K. residents by either purchasing tickets or logging on to any website of the respective authorized dealer. The winning numbers are declared on every Wednesday and Saturday nights and you can even view the draws on TV or check out the results on the Internet or even get them on your mobile phone.

Winners that are lucky enough to bag the jackpot can look forward to millions of pounds if there are no other winning tickets. Even players that have not got all the numbers right can still look forward to win decent or even substantial amounts. Lotto is played at a national and international level with other European countries too playing their own versions and rewarding lucky players in Euros or other local currencies. For example, the Spanish and Irish governments run their own versions of such sweepstakes and reward their winners accordingly.

Although lotto in all its forms presents difficult odds for players to win the jackpot amount, the breathtaking amount of the jackpot lures many players to try their luck at winning it. For 1 pound a player can play on one ticket and many players either team up by forming syndicates or play on multiple tickets to increase their chances of winning the jackpot. While the winner can look forward to a lump sum tax-free reward, a significant portion of the ticket amount is redirected to help develop and maintain the infrastructure of vital sectors such as schools, hospitals, parks, forests and even local communities. Thus, a large portion of the money benefits not only the British public but also people of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

So, if you ever wondered as to what happened to the money that you have spent on lottery tickets, then you can be rest assured that the National Lottery not only rewards lucky players but also takes care of those people that are not fortunate enough to enjoy their life as you can. In other words, a part of your ticket money goes towards helping those people that need it the most.

Thus, the National Lottery in UK has within a very short period, established and maintained a rich heritage of providing mind-numbing cash jackpots to thousands of players without neglecting the needs of other citizens that are not so lucky.

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