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The UK National Lottery Inc oversees the sale and distribution of lottery tickets throughout the United Kingdom. It is officially managed by the Camelot Group and has its headquarters in Watford. Since its inception in 1994, it has created more than 2000 millionaires. These lucky players had the winning tickets in their hands and their hearts in their mouths when the results were announced. Here are some happy endings that enabled a select few players to change their lives for the better.

Alan Rowley, director of a cleaning company managed to clean out part of the jackpot when he won a cool 1.9 million pounds on one fine August morning. It was when he sat down to check his emails early in the morning that Alan saw a message from the UK National Lottery Inc website asking him to call the company’s helpline number. He was pleasantly shocked to discover that he had won 1.9 million dollars and after confirming his win proceeded to make plans for his future. He planned to go in for a new car and also buy a holiday home in his favorite destination, Humberside. Although he planned to work on, his wife was anyway due for retirement in three weeks. This is one morning that the family will certainly remember for a long time.

Another lucky player that managed to clean the sweepstakes was future law student Ianthe Fullagar, who won 7 million pounds out of the 100 million pound jackpot prize in September. Her EuroMillions ticket managed to match 5 numbers and one Lucky Star with the draw. She planned to holiday in Egypt and also buy a new car before continuing her studies for a Law Degree followed by establishing her own Law Practice. This ticket has truly turned her dream into reality.

A syndicate of 9 ladies who were employed at a residential care home in Upminster also had a lucky September when they collectively won the same amount of 7 million pounds out of the 100 million pound jackpot at the EuroMillions draw. These ladies usually played lotto in a pool but tried out EuroMillions for the first time due to the high value of the jackpot. Even though each of the ladies pocketed a cool 778,000 pounds, they still decided to keep on working at the home.

These are similar stories of people that have won the Irish lotteries and other similar lotteries all over the world. If you play lotto and have not managed to win, then you should remember that the UK National Lottery Board takes out a vital portion of each lottery ticket and provides funding to deserving charities that help people stand on their feet. So, even if your story did not have a happy ending this week, it surely might have resulted in a happy weekend for many other people that might have benefited from the charitable donations of the UK National Lottery Inc.

Thus, although there might be a lot at stake when you play lotto, remember to get inspired by these winning stories and even if you do not get the winning numbers, remember that your ticket money is still well-spent on various charities.

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