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the path of good causes embarked upon by the UK national lottery board.

The UK national lottery board oversees not only the sale of lottery tickets in the United Kingdom but also approves grants that are used for funding appropriate charities to help out various crucial sectors for the betterment of society. It is a mammoth task but the board members have done an excellent job since its inception in1994 and have managed to donate more than 22 billion pounds for various charitable acts.

There are various exciting lottery games played in UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales such as lotto 649, EuroMillions, ThunderBall, lotto Hot Picks, among others and at stake in all these games are millions of pounds that await the lucky winning ticket holder. All these games are managed by the UK National Lottery, which has awarded the Camelot Group to execute its operations. The Camelot Groups operates from its headquarters in Watford, Hertfordshire and in addition has 4 regional offices throughout the United Kingdom.

Camelot is in fact a private company that consists of 5 shareholders holding an equal stake in the company. They are De La Rue Holdings Plc, Cadbury Holdings Ltd, Thales Electronics Plc, Royal Mail Enterprises and Fujitsu Services Ltd. Its board members consist of one non-executive chairman, four independent non-executive directors, three executive directors that are responsible for managing the company and non-executive representatives from every shareholder company.

The aim of the Camelot board is not only to increase its own revenue but to also increase the revenue for the Government as well as to ensure that the maximum amount of money is extracted for funding various good causes and that the money is used responsibly and efficiently. It has a staff of around 900 who also share the same vision. The board also tries to come up with new variants of the lottery and new marketing strategies that could result in an increase in the sale of tickets and hence revenue.

Although, you as a player would have only one aim in mind and that is to win the sweepstakes, you should also take pride in the fact that the money that you spend on lotto tickets is not only used for the jackpot and other prizes but a significant part of that amount is diverted for good causes all around UK and other countries as far away as Tanzania. The money is used for funding schools, colleges, museums, parks and even forests. The money is also used to provide medical care and improve the infrastructure of hospitals that deal with the elderly, war veterans, physically and mentally challenged people. With the addition of a new fund for the Children’s Play council, the teens of tomorrow can look forward to an improved today.

Thus the board members and staff of the UK national lottery board have a dual responsibility of managing the company and also ensuring that the donation program stays on schedule. Thus, even as you nervously await each draw, remember that your money is being utilized in the most socially responsible manner. So, even as you mark out your favorite numbers on your board, there is another board that is already planning efficient ways to spend your money.

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