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uk national lottery headquarters

a glimpse into the UK national lottery headquarters.

The national lottery does a lot more than just manage the sale of lottery tickets. It has a illustrious history of distributing the money received from the sale of tickets to various winners and more importantly as funding for various charities that help out those unfortunate enough to stand up on their own. Here is a glimpse of how everything unfolds from the UK national lottery headquarters.

The Camelot Group Plc is a private company that has been awarded the contract to manage the affairs of the UK national lottery. From its headquarters in Watford, Hertfordshire, its 900 strong staff oversees each and every promo and program related to the marketing and sale of lotto tickets and monitors draws while the UK national lottery processes grants that are to be used for the funding of the good causes project. The company itself consists of 5 shareholders that each has a 20% stake in the company, namely, Cadbury Holdings Ltd, De La Rue Holdings, Fujitsu Services Ltd, Royal Mail Enterprises and Thales Electronics Plc.

In addition to its headquarters in Watford, the UK national lottery also has a warehouse in Northampton, a communications department in London, a telesales office in Aintree and 3 regional offices for prize payouts in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast. The company and its staff work tirelessly to increase the revenue for itself and the government so that the maximum amount can be extracted as funding for various charitable organizations as part of the good causes project.

From its headquarters, the company has to consistently come up with fresh and new ideas for attracting more players to try their hand at winning the sweepstakes. They also have a website that tries to attract players to play the international version of their various games. Results for lotto 649 are declared on every Wednesday and Saturday nights and on various other nights for their other versions of lotto such as EuroMillions and ThunderBall. Draws are shown on TV and the results are also posted online as soon as they are announced.

Thus, if you regularly buy tickets from your neighborhood retailer or simply buy your tickets from the comfort of your home by clicking on their website, you can still ensure that you get to know the winning results immediately. With so much at stake in the form of the multi-million pound jackpot prize along with many other substantial prizes, you too would be anxious to know the results of your game. The good news is that even if you do not win anything, an important portion of your ticket amount is still given out to various charities by the UK national lottery, which is then used to create and maintain the infrastructure required for schools, hospitals, museums and parks.

Thus, a lot of action happens at the UK national lottery headquarters and the 22 billion funding provided by it to various charities since its inception just proves the good actions that have been taken to fund the good causes project. Over the same period, the UK national lottery has also enabled more than 2000 players to turn into overnight millionaires.

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