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win serious money at the UK national lotto.

If you want to have an exciting time playing various games, donate some money and also stand a chance to win millions of pounds as prize money, then you can simply combine all the three activities together in one fun activity called lotto. The UK national lotto in the United Kingdom is run by the UK National Lottery Inc since 1994 and combines all the above activities to provide you with loads of fun along with a serious chance to win millions of pounds.

The Camelot group won the bidding to become the licensed operator for the UK national lottery. It started offering players various lotto games such as Lotto 649, Euro Millions, Lotto Hot Picks, Thunder Ball and many more. Its headquarters are in Watford and with its 900 odd staff, offers players various programs by offering various lotto games through its network of retailers and even through its website where players can simply log on, mark out the virtual boards and also check out the latest results.

While the online version of these games are still restricted to British citizens or to the citizens of the Isle of Man by the official website, there are various other sites that offer players from all over the world to participate in the international version for a fixed fee or even a commission from the winning amount. If you are not a British citizen, you can still play these games through such sites, although you might need to join a syndicate in order to play. These are similar to offers from the Irish lotto, the Australian lotto or the NZ lotto, among others.

Although not as exhilarating as a game of football, the various forms of lotto are still good fun to play and with results of Lotto 649 being declared on every Wednesday and Saturday night, you can look forward to some exciting times as you wait for your numbers to transform into winning numbers. The jackpot is usually in millions of pounds that rolls over if there is no winner, thus adding additional excitement to future games.

One of the best advantages of playing the UK national lotto is that once you buy a ticket, a substantial portion of the ticket amount is automatically earmarked as funding for various charities that help improve the infrastructure so desperately required for schools, hospitals, parks, forests and museums. Thus, even if you do not win the jackpot, remain assured in the thought that a large part of your ticket money will still be used for good causes. With more than 22 billion pounds diverted back into society, this is one lottery that truly honors its social commitments.

Thus, by playing various lotto games regularly, you truly have a good chance of winning some serious money. But even if you do not win the elusive jackpot, you can still be a winner at the UK national lotto by knowing the fact that your money has still been put to good use through various charities. So, go on and have some fun and if you do win the multi-million pound jackpot, then just consider it as a bonus to your charitable efforts.

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