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Odd happenings after winning the super seven lotto.

All players hope and pray that they would win the super seven lotto jackpot that usually runs into millions of mouth-watering dollars. Each and every player knows that his or her life is sure to change after wining the super seven lotto. But not all expect that ghosts from the past could rise up again to haunt them after they have won.

Super seven lotto is played in other equally exciting forms such as lotto super7 plus, lotto 649, super lotto, etc. This game is also played in different countries and cities around the world including Europe, Canada, Quebec, California, Asia, Australia and even Africa. For 2 dollars you can get a ticket, which lets you choose 6 numbers from 1 to 47 and the lottery terminal chooses 2 other similar sets automatically. You can also choose the Quick Pick option where the terminal chooses all 3 numbers automatically. If all your 6 numbers match with the winning results, then you can lay your claim on the multi-million dollar jackpot. Just make sure that you do not have any past skeletons that could try to snatch away your future or at least half of it as experienced by Raymond Sobeski, a resident of Ontario.

Although Raymond had won the 30 million dollar jackpot almost a year earlier, he did not stake his claim to the jackpot, perhaps due to the reason that he had served divorce papers to his third wife and was waiting for her to sign it. But unfortunately for him, she had not signed the papers. Raymond did not even inform his estranged 3rd wife that he had won the jackpot and it was only when one of the children of his earlier divorced wives Sherry Sobeski saw him on television that news got around. Although Raymond used to make his child support payments regularly, his current wife Nynna Ionson saw red when she learnt that her husband had not informed her.

Nynna said that although they had been married for over nine years and had been on and off with each other during that time, she was still legally married to him. In fact, she said that although they had been together only a few night’s before the news broke out, he had still not informed her about his huge win although he remembered to gift her a champagne bottle that had been gifted to him by the bank in which he had made a huge deposit. Thus Raymond’s lucky strike could be cut into half if his wife lays claim to half his earnings from the super seven lotto jackpot. This would certainly not have been the way in which Raymond would have imagined that his life would change after his lucky win.

There have been similar stories of lost friends and relatives that winners would not even have been aware of before their win, but in all these cases, the millions of dollars in the jackpot act as a lure to attract people towards its winners.

Thus, make sure that you do not have any hidden ghosts that could surface after you have won the super seven lotto and if they do, then get ready to share your new-found wealth with them. Good luck.

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