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The Florida lottery winning numbers could be at your fingertips

The Florida lottery winning numbers can sometimes go unnoticed. Believe it or not, there are many ticketholders out there that don't even know that they've won.
Amazingly many people either played their numbers and forgot to look them up or misplaced the tickets in their homes. It's incredible to think that there are winners
out there now that don't even know that they hit the big jackpot. Sometimes it can be something as simple as somebody getting a lottery ticket as a gift and forgetting
that they had the ticket as they may not even be a regular player.

Can you imagine how much it would change the life of somebody? To think that a ticket could be at your fingertips and you don't even know that you are the winner
and that money is there for your taking and you may never know that. It's crazy how often this happens because people toss the ticket aside and sometimes even throw it
out never knowing of course that the winning numbers are yours and the ticket could lead you to a new path. History has shown that there are many unclaimed winners
out there and likely they may never know that they had the winning numbers.

The lottery isn't for everybody, some people just don't think much of gambling in any capacity. They would much rather spend their hard earned money on things that they
deem appropriate and worthy. In this economy where so many people are suffering and can't afford to pay the bills, spending money on a lottery ticket seems like an
expense that they don't need to spend on.

At the holidays where so many people get lottery tickets as gifts is when you see so many unclaimed winners. The shame is that many of these tickets get thrown
out by accident never to be claimed as the winning jackpot that it should be. These unclaimed winners will remain that way, for once the ticket is thrown out the lottery
winner can't ever be named. To have the Florida lottery winning numbers can be a life changing event, but not the case if you don't have the ticket in hand.

Some people may kick themselves for misplacing the ticket and some may never realize just how much of a winner they could have been. Sometimes ignorance is bliss
and not knowing that you had the winning ticket could be a little easier in the long run. There is a history of winners and of course of unclaimed tickets are a
sad but true part of the lottery story as well.Not knowing is much easier than knowing you had a ticket that could very well be a winner and not having it in hand.
There is no cause of recourse in the lottery by saying that you were a winner and not having the ticket to show and prove the results. As a rule of thumb if you play
the lottery or get a ticket as a gift, be sure to put your ticket in a safe hiding place.

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