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Use hot numbers to win at the super lotto plus ca.

Super lotto plus ca or California is one of the hottest lottery game played in California. All you need to do is to just walk down to the nearest lotto retailer and play this easy and exciting game or log on to any online store. However, super lotto plus ca is more than just filling in random numbers. A proper strategy based on hot numbers could make you a cool winner.

Super lotto plus is played by choosing 5 numbers between 1 and 47 and an additional mega number between 1 and 27. You can choose these numbers yourself or let the lottery terminal do the job for you by choosing the Quick Pick option. The minimum jackpot prize is $7 million that rolls over if there is no winner in a particular game. Thus, a $1 ticket can be worth millions of dollars if you just guess all the 6 numbers correctly. These numbers are randomly chosen on every Wednesday and Saturday night and you can win smaller amounts even if you just match 3 numbers or even the mega number. Although this stimulating game is based on random numbers, there are some strategies that could certainly help you in your quest for the elusive jackpot.

There are innumerable books, CDs and online software programs that can help you to identify and choose hot numbers that have a higher probability of showing up in the next results. If you do not want to search in a brick-and-mortar store, then all you need to do is to just click to various sites that offer programs that might just help you out. These programs track all past results and based on that database compile a list of hot and cold numbers. These are numbers that feature prominently [hot] or very rarely [cold] in past results. The program then tries to identify the probability of a hot number appearing again in the next draw or even a cold number that has the potential to suddenly turn hot.

Even though there is no program that can offer a guarantee of choosing the correct numbers every time, if you do feel that this strategy could bear results, then try them out. But first make sure that you check the credentials of the Website and its program before you pay any money. Get referrals from current users to find out if they have profited from using the program. If the site is offering a free trial then use the trial period to get accustomed in using the software and also to ensure that it is compatible with your PC. If possible, try out 2 or 3 different programs and find out as to which one provides the best results. Stick to that program for a few months to get into a groove and wait for that program to deliver the results. Do not constantly change your strategy but wait patiently for the algorithm to work out in your favor.

Although super lotto plus ca is based mostly on luck, it pays to do some research on past winning numbers in a bid to find out the probability of striking it rich in the future. If a program can help you to predict probable hot numbers for future results then use it to your advantage.

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