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An insight into the lotto super 7 results.

As an avid lotto player you might be trying your luck with other players in a bid to stretch out your luck a little farther than others and hence win the jackpot. But if you have wondered on how the lottery officials derive the lotto super 7 results then just read on.

Lotto super 7 is played in Canada, America, Australia, Africa and even Asia in various forms such as lotto super seven plus, lotto 649, lotto 47/27 among others. In lotto super 7, you may be allowed to choose only one or one or more out of three sets of 7 numbers each ranging from 1 to 47. These choices vary in different Canadian provinces such as Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Ontario. The jackpot is a minimum of 2.5 million dollars and this amount gets added to the next 2.5 million dollar jackpot if there is no winner in the previous game. Sometimes the jackpot may roll over several times as in May 2002, when 4 winners shared the jackpot amount of 37.8 million dollars.

The process that most Canadian lotteries follow in determining the lotto super 7 results is usually by rotating and bouncing balls in a sphere made of transparent Plexiglas. These balls are made from solid India rubber and each ball weighs exactly the same as the other since the individual digits are ingrained in the rubber at the time of manufacture itself. Each ball is regularly cleaned, checked and tested for weight, density, etc. Even if one ball is damaged, then the entire set of balls is replaced. The balls are securely locked and stored when they are not in use.

Tickets for the lotto super 7 are allowed to be sold until Friday night 9.00 pm eastern time and the process for declaring the results usually starts on the same night at 10.00 pm eastern time. The balls are first arranged in the ball rack of the machine in numerical order. The drum then starts spinning and after around 10 seconds, the first ball is released into the spinning drum. The 7 lucky balls then randomly drop in a trap located at the bottom of the drum and are then guided one by one into a chute. The bonus ball too is chosen in the same way. Once all the 7 balls are chosen and the act videotaped from start to finish, the results are announced by the Inter-Provincial Lottery Corporation informs the entire individual lottery corporations of the results and these are then compared through their computers with all the tickets to check for matching winners.

Thus, if you have bought a ticket, then it is very important to sign and preserve it since you will need to submit it in case you have won any prizes. Even if 3, 4, 5 or 6 of your numbers match you will still receive prizes that increase in value along with the number of matched numbers. Of course, if your luck holds on that particular Friday then you would well be eligible for the fantastic jackpot running into millions of dollars.

This insight should help you to realize that the lotto super 7 results are based more on luck than on anything else and you can only win if you match your thoughts with the spinning ball machine.

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