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Give wings to your dreams with lotto super7.

Lotto super7 along with lotto 649 has embedded itself deep into the hearts and minds of Canadians who all have dreams of winning the jackpot. Lotto super7 results are declared every Friday night. Various versions of lotto super7 are also played in California in the United States and Australia among other countries.

Lotteries can be traced back to Egypt where the Pharaohs used these games as a form of entertainment. China too has its age-old game known as Keno, which was introduced to fund construction of the Great Wall of China. Europe witnessed the entry of the lottery involving cash prizes in 1530 when such games were started in Florence, Italy and in 1569 in England. The Americans welcomed the lottery in 1612 and the income generated during those times was used to eradicate famine and disease.

Coming back to current times, the Canadian version of the lotto super7 is managed by the Inter-Provincial Lottery Corporation managed by the government and these lotteries are managed in Canada as well as its provinces by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, Lotto-Quebec and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. Tickets are available for $2 and you can choose up to 3 sets of 7 numbers depending on the local rules. You can also choose the Quick-Pick option and let the lottery terminal choose the numbers for you. In some provinces, you can also play an add-on game of Encore for an additional $1.

The jackpot amounts start with a basic amount of $2.5 million, which is rolled over in case there are no winners. Thus, over a period of time, this jackpot swells up to a mind-boggling amount. For example, the jackpot bulged to $37.8 million, which was then won by 4 players in May of 2002. Their lives sure must have changed overnight. Other winners like recent winner Carolyn Tweed of Ontario who won a cool $2.5 million in September of 2008 will surely be able to live out her dreams with the award money. Retailers who sell the winning tickets can also witness a small windfall as they are entitled to a separate prize. Winners can claim prizes only from the province from where they had purchased the tickets.

You too could realize your dreams if you play sensibly. Remember to stay within your financial limits and avoid playing only even, odd or consecutive numbers. Track past results but do not choose the exact same winning numbers since the probability of winning on them is negligible. Play more games simultaneously if you can and join up with a club or lotto pool to increase your chances of winning. Ensure that the other club members are honest and optimistic before you join forces with them.

So, try your luck at winning the lotto super7 and use strategies that can provide you with increased chances of winning the jackpot or even other prizes. If you are lucky, then the favorable results could give wings to your dreams and make all your monetary wishes come true. Good luck.

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