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How to match your numbers with the super 7 lotto results?

If you are playing lotto in its various forms such as lotto 649, lotto super7 plus, lotto 47/27, Canadian or Californian versions of lotto super 7 or any other version of the many that have emerged around the world, then you would have realized the need to have a solid strategy along with lots of luck to win the exhaustive jackpot. Here are some paths that can be followed on your way to matching your numbers with the winning super 7 lotto results.

Super 7 lotto is played with great fervor all over the world especially in Canada and its various provinces such as Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Players and their families earnestly wait for Friday night to arrive and bring with it the 7 winning numbers that could change their lives forever. If you too play super 7 lotto, then you too could be waiting for your turn for luck to finally smile upon you. As you would have realized by now that since the winning numbers are randomly chosen from 1 to 47, it is very difficult to predict them, but there are some ways to win a decent amount and even the jackpot by matching your numbers with the super 7 lotto results.

The trick is to try to think like the ball machine that throws up the winning balls or the computer that chooses the random numbers. In order to do this you will first need to think what random means. It basically means that any number between 1 and 47 could be chosen and every result will differ with the previous result completely or there might be some common number or numbers between 2 consecutive results.

Thus, if you normally choose odd or even numbers or consecutive numbers or numbers that are simply multiplied, added or subtracted from fixed numbers then you are not in tune with the principle of choosing random numbers. These strategies might enable you to win small change but the jackpot will slide even farther than ever before. Again if you are restricted to marking birthdates or anniversaries, then you could leave out the range between 31 and 47, which again will not allow you to win maybe more than 5 numbers instead of 6 or the magical 7.

Thus, instead of treading on a fixed path, you should open up your mind by spreading out all your chosen numbers so that they span the entire ticket. Make sure to include the right mix of odd and even numbers. Include birthdates and anniversaries if you want but fill the gap between 31 and 47 with the last 2 numbers. If need be, play in a pool or join a syndicate to check out the strategies employed by other players and also boost your chances of winning. You can confirm the results of the above strategy by just keeping an eye on past results to confirm the path that the machine or computer has chosen to choose the winning numbers.

Thus, in order to win the huge pot of money, it is essential to get into the mind of the ball machine or the computer that decides on throwing up the winning numbers. Only then will your numbers match up with the winning super 7 lotto results.

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