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Join the lucky winners of lotto Quebec super 7.

Canada and its provinces has a long and rewarding history of lotto and over the years many Quebec players have had their lives turned into fairytales after winning the jackpot or even after winning other substantially high prizes. If you too play lotto, then you too could join these lucky winners of lotto Quebec super 7.

The game of lotto is split into many versions such as lotto 649, super lotto seven plus, scratch-off, daily 3, daily 4, etc. Most Canadians love to play lotto 649 and super lotto 7 since the jackpot amounts are quite high in these games. The Quebec lotto services are run by The Inter-Provincial Lottery Corporation and results of the lotto super 7 are declared every Friday night. Thus, players who have purchased their tickets wait with bated breath for the results in the hope that the Gods of luck will smile upon them and reward them with the jackpot or even other high-value prizes.

Over the years many Quebecers have witnessed mind-numbing windfalls that have changed their lives forever. The month of April, 2006 saw a resident of Saint-Felix-De-Valois win the super lotto 7 jackpot of over 30 million dollars. The following month also witnessed a mother and daughter team win the bonus jackpot of 35 million dollars along with another couple residing in Sainte-Sophie. The year also ended on a joyful note for 7 employees of Canada Post when they nailed the 27 million dollar super lotto 7 jackpot, which was the 2nd largest amount until that time.

The year of 2006 thus saw jackpot prizes of over 1 million dollars taken away by more than 40 winners, which included winners from lotto 649 and super 7. With such a wonderful record of winners, you too could sharpen your strategy to close the gap between you and the bulging jackpot. A few precautions could also help you to avoid wasting your time and instead increase your chances of winning.

Thus if you are prone to betting only on odd or even numbers or even consecutive numbers or simply bet on numbers that have common last digits or are numbers that are based on multiplications then you certainly need to change your strategy since these methods will rarely result in a jackpot being won or even a substantial amount in your hands. Instead spread your numbers throughout the grid, maintain an equal mix of odd and even numbers and also dwell on past results to gain some knowledge on the workings of the computer or the ball tossing machine.

If you are not ready to play alone, then join a pool or syndicate and play the game with fellow players until you get the hang of it. Play sensibly and only if you have sufficient money to enjoy this game. If you adhere to these tips and find lady luck supporting you then you could be assured of your name joining this exclusive list of instant millionaires.

The lotto Quebec super 7 has catapulted many of its players towards immense wealth and by playing responsibly and sticking to your strategy; you too could find yourself basking in the winners list.

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