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You too can change your life with the Canadian lotto super 7.

People all across Canada and even around the world play lotto to have fun and also to lay their hands on the elusive jackpot money that could change their lives forever. Read on to envision how the Canadian lotto super 7 changed the lives of these people and imagine what such a win could do to your life.

In 2006, eight women from the Canadian Forces won the $5 million Lotto Super 7 jackpot, thus enabling each of them to pocket $650,000. None of the women indicated that they would leave their jobs at the Canadian Forces Base at Petawawa in Ontario, although they did hire a limousine to pick up the winning tickets to Toronto. The women said that they would use the money to pay their bills and help their relatives pay for their education.

The current year saw another Ontario resident benefit from the winning Friday results. Paul Jaques who had permanently injured his back in a car accident 21 years ago won $5 million on his super 7 lotto ticket. He was on the verge of stopping his physiotherapy sessions since he was running out of money but apparently he had not run out of luck. This win will help him to continue his sessions. He was unemployed since the past 6 years after working for 15 years at the Sarnia car factory. He now plans to buy a cottage and a car and said that he wanted to renew his wedding vows with his wife in a castle in Ireland.

A case of double luck was witnessed in 2004 in Aldergrove, where Rabia Nanji managed to win $100,000 on Father’s day after having won a cool $1.25 million on Mother’s day in the previous year. She, along with her husband Nizar cleared off their mortgage and other pending bills and celebrated their winnings by holidaying in Orlando.

Even retailers who sell these wining tickets can get lucky since they too get a commission on the amounts won by the players. Thus, the Canadian lotto super 7 has managed to change a lot of lives and in some cases also saved a lot of people at the right time by providing them with much-needed cash. You too could see your life change when you play any of the various versions of the Canadian lotto. However, you should remember to play responsibly and should first understand some of the strategies that could increase your chance of winning either the jackpot or other prizes.

These stories serve as inspiration for other players that might be trying to win by participating in these games. Even if you do not immediately win any prize money, you should always remember that you too could get lucky like the above players and change your future for the better.

Thus, over the past, many players have witnessed a pleasant shock when they found out that they had their hands on the winning ticket. The large amounts of money would have enabled them to clear their past dues, begin their life anew and even help out their loved ones. Thus a winning number can change a lot more that you can imagine. Play sensibly and good luck to you.

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